Looe Rowing Club

In the 1950's Looe Rowing Club had flash boats and in 1992 Looe Polot Gig Club was formed. Looe Rowing Club was formed in 2000 with the merger of the Looe Rowing Club and Looe Pilot Gig club..

Pilot gigs.

Traditional gigs
The club has three built by local boat builders Jim and Dave Currah

launched in 1992
Named after the last rowing lifeboat in Looe

launched in 1999
Named after a local beach

launched in 2011

Training gigs
The club has three

Scathgwyn, Keynvor and Lammana.



Historically there are two types of gigs,
a heavier boat for carrying cargo, and a slim and lighter boat for piloting, where speed was essential.
These lighter gigs were used to ferry pilots from their home ports to the merchant vessels trying to gain access to a port.
This is how gig racing orginated, as crews would compete to put their pilot on the vessel first, knowing they would recieve a purse of money for doing so

Taken from traditional design, the gigs that are built today follow the orginal specifications as laid down by the Peters family of St Mawes in the form of the gig Treffy (1838).
Built from narrow leaf, ideally Cornish elm, the modern gig is a speedy seaworthy vessel, racing out in the open sea and able to withstand inclement conditions



Looe Rowing Club train all year for the World Gig Championships held in the Isles of Scilly each May and local regattas during the summer months.

The club offers learn to row sessions, usually on Wednesday evenings during the summer months.