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2017 Index

October 2017

6th - Looe in October.
5th - Harvest moon rising over the Banjp Pier.
1st - Firework finale - Looe Music Festival.

September 2017

29th - Poppies Wave - Plymouth Naval Memorial.
6th - Looe RNLI training.
1st - Plymouth RNLI Open day.

August 2017

30th - Looe RNLI launching at sunset.
28th - Ryder meets Ryder.
27th - Looe Lifeboat Ryder.
25th - Looe Lifeboat Ryder.
25th - Looe Rowing Club.
23rd - Looe Rowing Club.
23rd - Looe RNLI training.
22nd - Looe RNLI shout.
15th - Glass bottom boat trip.
10th - GP14 National Championships in Looe.
9th - Looe RNLI training.
9th - Looe in August.
5th - Looe RNLI shout.
5th - Fowey RNLI open day.

July 2017

26th - Looe RNLI training.
22nd - Looe Sailing Club.
12th - RNLI Capsize boat training.
9th - Moonrise over White Rock, Looe.
8th - Looe Sailing Club.
8th - Looe RNLI low tide launch - Atlantic 85.
8th - RNLI Lifeguards on Seaton beach.
6th - Looe in July.
5th - Looe RNLI training.
1st - Looe Gig Regatta.
1st - Looe Sailing Club.

June 2017

28th - Looe RNLI training with RNLI Lifeguards on Seaton beach.
17th - Looe RNLI shout.
11th - Looe Lugger Regatta.

May 2017

31st - Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
27th - Looe Sailing Club - Open Laser meeting.
26th - Looe RNLI Shout.
25th - Looe Sailing Club.
25th - Looe in May.
24th - Looe RNLI Training.
24th - Glass bottom boat trip.
20th - Polo on the Beach Watergate bay.
20th - Jousting with the Knights of Middle England on Watergate bay.
17th - Looe RNLI Training.
13th - Looe Sailing Club.

April 2017

26th - Looe RNLI Training.
23rd - Looe RNLI Shout.
23rd - Looe RNLI training wth Rescue 924.
23rd - Looe Rowing Club.
22nd - Looe Rowing Club.
15th - Looe Rowing Club.
13th - Looe Rowing Club.
12th - Looe RNLI Training.
11th - Moonrise over the Banjo Pier Looe.
8th - Looe Rowing Club.
8th - Sunrise over East Looe beach.

March 2017

31st - Sycamore Gap.
29th - Lindisfarne.
29th - Sunrise over Seahouses.
28th - Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.
28th - Beadnell.
27th - Bamburgh.
27th - Sunrise over Seahouses.
26th - Seahouses.
26th - Grey Seal Cruise around the Farne Islands.
26th - Sunrise over Seahouses.
25th - Sunset over Seahouses, Inner farne and Bamburgh Castle.
25th - Angel of the North.
19th - Looe RNLI Training.
15th - Looe RNLI Training.
5th - Looe in March.
4th - Looe RNLI Shout.

February 2017

28th - Looe in February.
19th - Bude RNLI surf training.
19th - Bude RNLI rescue water craft training.
11th February 2017 - Sunrise over East Looe beach.
11th February 2017 - 'Snow Moon' setting over Kilminorth Woods.

January 2017

23rd February 2017 - Sunrise over East Looe beach.
18th February 2017 - Sunrise over East Looe beach.


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