Sunrise and Sunsets

A selection of images of Sunrise and Sunsets taken mostly in South East Cornwall but some may be from further afield.


I like to find locations where there is some foreground interest, maybe water to reflect the colours.

One of my favourite locations is East Looe beach at a low water with the tide still going out
this give golden reflections on wet sand and pebbles.

East Looe beach


My tips for capturing sunrise/sunsets

I like to photograph the sun rising or setting over the sea, especially when there is a crisp horizon.

Be prepared to return to your location many times, weather and cloud conditions are diferent every day.

Be prepared to wait, in Looe the sun rises over the sea only in the winter months.

Do some research and planning first,
- what time is sunrise, sunset?
- what are the tide times?
- What direction will the sun rise or set?
- What is the weather forcast?

Be aware of your surroundings, especially on a beach or cliffs, do not take any risks or get cut off by the tide.

If you are going out alone, tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to return.

Always have a method of calling for help close at hand, preferably in a waterproof pouch if close to water.


Useful resouces

The Photographers Emeris. is a desktop or mobile app that shows sunrise / sunset moonrise / moonset times and direction for a selected loaction

Exsate Golden Hour. is an andriod app with great features.

There are several mobile apps for tide predictions.