Looe Lifeboat Station

Looe RNLI have two inshore lifeboats based at the Albatross boathouse on East Looe seafront.
a B class Atlantic 85 B-894 Sheila and Dennis Tongue II which is launched by a semi-submersible Talus MB-4H tractor,
and a D class D-741 Ollie Naismith

Looe RNLI 1866 - 1930

- On 28th December 1866 Looe's first lifeboat The Oxfordshire was based at the Old Lifeboat Station on the seafront.

- The Oxfordshire was replaced in 1881 by the The Boys Own No.1.

- In May 1902 a new boat The Ryder arrived on station, similar in design to the two previous lifeboats, The Ryder remained until the station was closed in 1930.

- The Ryder has been restored to it's former glory and can be seen in Polperro harbour.

Looe RNLI 1992 - now

- In 1992 a D class lifeboat from the reserve fleet was stationed in a temporary base at the seafront shelter until 1994 when a new boat D-461 Spirit of The Royal Ordnance Corps was officially dedicated.

- In 1998 the RNLI moved into a boathouse on East Looe Quay at Middleton's corner.

- In 2002 the RNLI realised that a larger facility to house a faster in-shore boat was needed. The Albatross site was purchased from the East Looe Town Trust.

- A D class lifeboat, D-574 Regina Mary was placed on service on 5 March.

- Relief fleet / training boat B-700 Susan Peacock on station.

- The new Albatross station was operational in October 2003 with a new Atlantic Class 75 B lifeboat B-793 Alan & Margaret.

- A Talus MB-4H semi-submersible tractor came into service at the same time.

- In November 2010 the Regina Mary was replaced by a new D class lifeboat D-741 Ollie Naismith.

- Following two intensive days of training and commissioning our new Atlantic 85 B-894 Sheila and Dennis Tongue II became operational at 8pm on Wednesday 8th September 2016. after 13 years of service the Atlantic 75 will be refurbished and placed into the reserve fleet.

Looe RNLI Volunteers

Looe RNLI Volunteer crew

Looe RNLI Volunteer crew, shore crew and officials - September 2016

Looe RNLI Atlantic 85

Looe RNLI Atlantic 85 B-894 Sheila and dennis Tongue II

Looe RNLI Atlantic 85

Looe RNLI D Class D-741 Ollie Naismith